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Let's Talk About AI

Today on ATS Live we’re talking about AI.
Midjourney Dall-e Lensa Stable Diffusion
Nope, this isn’t some secret nerd passphrase.  
It’s just a few of the AI image generators that have made waves in 2022. Producing incredibly powerful art with word prompts. Turning your ideas into stunning visuals. 
But what is AI?
We’ve undoubtedly all heard the term. You can’t help it if you spend a minute online. It’s behind much, if not all you see in whatever metaverse you’re in today.  AI is used to some degree in virtually every aspect of civilization affected by technology. 
This year AI image generators got a lot of attention.  Both positive and negative.  AI image generators are trained using human generated art. And some of those humans are furious now that those AI’s are pulling in profits. Raising ethical concerns over monetization.
Content generator AI’s can fill in the blanks for you. That last article you read on that blog you like could easily have been completely or partially generated by AI.  Is it a tool to assist content producers or a teachers nightmare? 
Whatever the case the genie is completely out of the bottle.
What do the Son’s see?  
What’s the LATS perspective?

Defining The 1st Pillar QRST: Quantum


By πdpiper

The word quantum is a very interesting word. It’s not a new word. In fact, quantum and it’s plural form, quanta, are well over a hundred years old. According to Merriam-Webster, its origin dates back to the mid-1500s.
Quantum comes from the latin, quantus, meaning “how much,” and today’s basic definition isn’t much different: “quantity” or “amount”. It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th Century that the word started being used in science and medicine.
Then jump ahead another 40-50 years, and the word took on another definition. As an adjective it means “large” or “significant”, like in “quantum improvement”. Anyway, it’s quite the opposite of the scientific meaning, which is: “the minimum amount of any physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction.”
However overkilled the adjective might be these days, honestly, it’s quite fitting if you consider one of the characteristics of quantum physics: superposition. It’s the idea that something can be two opposites at the same time: on-off, small-large, wave-photon, etc.
Yeah, well, you say…what does this have to do with Above The Sun?
As one of our ATS pillars, The ideas and concepts of “quantum” influence how we view relationships and individual interacts between members of the community. Building upon the scientific concept, we view the individual as the quantum, interacting with other individuals within the quanta, which is the community.
That’s the simple framework, but it’s so much more. Because it’s the quality and nature of the interaction of the quantum that defines the quality and nature of the quanta. In essence, the community is defined by the way in which the individuals interact with each other.
“By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35
I really like the Hebrew viewpoint of the book of Numbers. When Yahweh instructed Moses to take a census of the people of Israel. It wasn’t to find out population size or the fighting strength of the people of Israel. Why would a omniscient God, who knows the number of hairs upon our heads, ask the question of “how many”, when he knew very well how many people there were—down to the unborn child in the womb!
“What then of the census with which the book begins? There is a mystical Jewish tradition that every Jew is like a letter in the scroll of the Torah – and in Jewish law, if there is a single letter missing, the scroll is defective. Every letter is significant…’every Jew has some specific task to perform for God, and for that reason he was created.’ There were…600,000 people who received the Torah, because the Torah has 600,000 possible interpretations. The reason it was given to an entire people is so that it would contain all possible holy meanings.”  The Wilderness and the Word (I suggest you read the whole article. It’ll blow your mind.)
Did you catch that?! Every letter is significant, AND…if just one is missing the scroll is defective. It’s invalid. The whole ceases to exist as the whole.
Apply that in the context of community. Each individual is important to the community, so much so, that if any one individual is missing, the community ceases to exist as it was.
This is the fundamental principle behind the first ATS Pillar: Quantum.
Blessings & Shalom

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