124. Neurosyncing With The Mind of Christ

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Neurosyncing With The Mind of Christ


By πdpiper

Last week I talked about how the Protocol 48 (P48) framework provides guidelines and filters by which we process all of our interactions below the sun, and how it gives us the relational protocols for every point of connection with the world around us.
But before we can fully unpack the straight-up coolness of this framework, it’s important to first talk about the environment in which this protocol exists and operates; how we gain access to it in order to activate it in our lives.
P48 sits within the super-neural network I call the Mind of Christ, and it’s directly integrated into the fabric of Shabath Shalom. (You can watch this video to learn more about Shabath Shalom.)
The Mind of Christ encompasses many things, but in the context of Phil. 4:7, it is a living, breathing environment within Yeshua that creates a state of consciousness like no other. In this state, above-the-sun (ATS) people can interface with, and activate everything they need for life and godliness.
The access point for this environment, of course, is only arrived at through a relational connectivity with the Yeshua, Himself. He is the biometric security feature that Father “engineered”, you might say, that grants entry. Genius, really!
Paul provides the process for approaching and crossing the threshold, and gaining access to the Mind of Christ—the pathway, portal, and keypad access code, so to speak, in the preceding verses. For the sake of brevity I’ll outline it below:
  • Pathway: Rejoice in the Lord—times two (v.4), gentleness towards all men, and the Lord is near (v.5)
  • Door: Be anxious for not one single thing (v.6a).
  • Access code: prayer, petitions, followed by thanksgiving (v.6b).
An entire article could be, and should be, devoted to just these three versus, but I’ll have to leave that for another time. In short, Paul explains that with proper approach and the correct entry of the code, access will be granted.
And what awesomeness awaits us as we cross the threshold into the Mind of Christ?  The Father’s eirene, shalom, or peace. More specifically, wholeness, completeness—all your parts tie together into a unified whole. We enter into a state of being “in the rest”. Moreover, this state of being becomes a force of protection, as well.
Paul tells us that Peace becomes a very powerful watcher over of our heart and mind. And here’s an unabridged way of saying it: Peace becomes a military-grade sentinel, which apexes our own capacity to exercise reflective think. It has the ability to activate whatever defensive and/or offensive means necessary to protect the desire-generator (karia – heart) that makes us who we really are, and the final outputs (noema – thought, purpose) of our intent-calculator (mind).
Let me say that again: peace becomes the protectorate of your desires and intents. Without this sentinel of shalom watching over our heart and mind, our desires and intents will eventually be pulled to pieces by the chaotic torrents of the world outside the Mind of Christ.
Within the environment of the Mind of Christ, this superior firewall not only provides protection, but it also facilitates the neurosync—the “putting on” the Mind of Christ, necessary for accessing the resources for life and godliness, and serves as the “source code” for activating Protocol 48 in our lives.
With this as the backdrop, we can start unpacking the framework in the next article, and take a look at the inner workings of Protocol 48.
Until the next now…shalom.

YouTube Channel Update

Hey, ATS Community! It’s been a busy Fall, but I (πd piper) finally got around to uploading another video to our YouTube Channel (more incoming)!
One of the ATS Team, Paul Ferrante (Empyreal Frequencies), 
shares a little bit about engaging Samuel the Prophet. Talking around the idea of seeing and engaging with the Cloud of Witnesses and more from the other side of the veil.