103. Overcoming Power, Nothing to Fear, Do It Again God!

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Overcoming with the Power of your Testimony

By Carolyn Arnold

One of the things I love about living above the sun is the power of a testimony… Yahweh shows to me over and over again the power of and how we overcome by the blood and by our testimony and even someone else’s that we grab a hold of with faith, intent, hope and desire…to see it manifest in our own lives pertaining to our scroll.

In beginning of April, my son and business partner Andy Arnold, CEO of Andysnolimitsart.com and I , Andy’s mom and mentor, drove five hours north of our home in Little Rock, Arkansas to Cadmenton, Missouri. We were visiting our friend Adrienne Kimmons owner and healing practitioner of www.arphealthsystems.com for a night of sound healing and bioenergetic healing. Andy and I are believers in the healing of frequencies and the growing desire to learn more so we invested in ourselves and made the trip. For both Andy and I it was life-changing spirit, soul and body… There is so much to tell but I will focus on one particular aspect.

With Andy’s art he has a particular style that he uses to paint his canvas work that is part of his brand that he called squiggle strokes with a paintbrush… Before we went on the trip he finished a 36 x 48“ canvas painting with multi layers of various shades of blue and silver that he called the Rivers of Mem (from the living Hebrew letters)

I did not know that night in Adrienne’s incredible healing time that that painting would come alive to me… Adrianne had us, if we so chose, to stand in one of her large metal bowls and also with a bowl on our head that she would tap and the healing sounds and waves would go down through our body and bring alignment. When I stood in that bowl on April 2 Andy’s painting became alive to me and I could SEE that I was in the midst of a 3-D world of his painting in the Rivers of Mem. I could not speak and was incapable of doing anything even remembering my own name.

I saw from that experience visions of future paintings that Andy was going to do and me engaging with them, in them, through the strands that he was to paint with his squiggle strokes frequencies through color, light and texture to bring healing to myself with the ability to SEE like I never had before… and to think I was only going for the physical healing of my sciatic and piriformis muscle. Surprise!!!!

Since that night Andy has created five more paintings each one just as powerful as the Rivers of Mem… Each one birthed out of that night where we quantumly entangled in relationship with our friend Adrienne. This is the power of relationship… This is the power of quantum entanglement… This is the power of trading into each others lives to be more of who we were truly created to be out of YHVH’s heart to manifest on the earth and change our world.

We so want to share this gift with the world that I had scans made of his art pieces for the ability to have giclée prints made of them so that others can engage with what we were gifted with that night.

To find out more of how you can experience what Adrienne brings go to www.arphealthsystems.com and sign up for her next healing night.

If you’d like more information on Andy’s paintings you can find him on Facebook and Instagram at Andy’s No Limits Art.

Please feel free to PM us for the opportunity to own a print of your own to engage with and experience your own healing!!

As Andy likes to say from his friend Todd White, “Testimony means DO IT AGAIN, GOD!!”

Switch On Your Brain Summary - Let's recap what we've learned so far.

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

We don’t operate in the frequency of a victim. We can control the reactions and choices that we make. Free will is not an illusion. We are responsible for our actions and the consequences of those actions. Free will influences our thinking and produces a state of mind. What we say and do is based on what we have already built into our minds. We evaluate this information and make choices based on that information. We then choose a new thought that drives us to what we say and do.

We have the ability to stand outside of ourselves and observe our own thinking. Moreover, we can see things from many different angles and perspectives. Thinking activity is real and creates signals that un-zips our DNA which express genes that produce proteins. We have a switch gene that we choose to switch on and off with our thoughts.

Lastly, based on what we are thinking and choosing, our genetic make-up fluctuates constantly. Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, THINK ON THESE THINGS.”

This is the prescription and we are not victims of our biology but in truth, we are in control of our biology. Good to know.

Up and away.

Ask not, Nothing to fear.

By Golden Noodle

Full disclosure. This is a bit of a ramble. I desired inspiration and this is what I got. Thanks for being here.

The news cycle today seems to be focused on one goal. To keep our attention by any means possible. Backseat driver style. Peering over our shoulders and pointing out every possible calamity. And then keep scrolling cause there might be sudoku at the end. Quick, it’s just past the headline about that human rights violation where you don’t live. It’s a subtle message claiming that this is the full picture. That this is it. Be afraid. Now here, enjoy this puzzle. Profit. And not just the mainstream. Even the smaller niche news groups focused on truth and claim an unbiased perspective play the same game.

And yet it’s no game. That misdirection drives political will. And every son of Adam helps. There’s no shortage of things to look at happening in the world. And if the timing is off something always turns up. A discussion follows concerning who is to blame and what “they” or “we” should do or should’ve done about it. The majority of which isn’t a real discussion, but a shout into the void and we call it discourse. And I wasn’t there, but I get the feeling this is a frequency older than the information age, probably older than paper. Though I wonder if there’s been an age where this much information has been available to so many people at one time? History peeks from around the same corner the future hides behind. A mystery.

As I understand it, we’re born with the ability to see what another person is looking at. Instinctively aware of the geometry necessary to track the others eyes and orient on what is in focus. Crazy. Infants also instinctively orient on loud noises and bright lights. At just a year or so my daughter was mesmerized by the lights and sounds of the X-Files theme song. I didn’t realize she probably couldn’t look away. She was blessed at birth with awareness of these stimuli for her survival. We don’t outgrow them, we evolve them. The media machine capitalizes on this very aspect of our being. It claps and flashes bright lights. But we can grow too. When we wake we realize we decide when to look and how to respond. Creation groans for the revealing of the Sons.

So we don’t have to wear the tinted glasses to peep through them. The floating nation has a better way. We look to each other to get a clearer picture of the world. I heard a lyric recently, “I need people like I need my senses.” The one new man sees through all eyes. So we can see people hurting and ignore the agenda. We can discuss hard things we see from above the sun. Love ALL the players involved and judge with our hearts and declare with our voice and create with intent what is and what will be. We see around corners.

Quantum. Relational. Synergistic. Trading. Love you.

“Live Above The Sun!”


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