118. River Sound Is Coming!

  • River Sound Is Coming!
  • Blessing Your Body
  • Catching Your Thoughts

River Sound Is Coming!

Can You Hear IT!
We’re excited to announce a new Above The Sun quantum engagement opportunity.
We’re calling it River Sound! 
Hosted by our own Mississippi Sound!
An unrecorded zoom meetup to engage in encouraging relationship.
We’ll deep dive into topics such as;
Listening to our bodies
Communicating with our bodies
Blessing our bodies
Breath and Breathing
Using healthier substances and supplements
The things we consume
Naturopathic care and homeopathy
Emerging and re-emerging health technologies
Living Above The Sun together
River Sound will launch Friday, October 7th at 10:00am CT on zoom. 
Watch the newsletter for more information! 

Blessing Your Body


By Mississippi Sound

Blessing our body looks like many different blessings spoken in many different areas. One way we can bless our body is by blessing our food. We bless the food we eat that goes into our body to nourish it and give it the highest energy possible. We know that this may have to have some supernatural benefit that we include because our food is not very nourishing these days. Food is alive and has memory. We are Sons of Yahweh that have the power to bless and bring supernatural changes to that which we speak to, even food.
Consider your attitude when you go to eat. Are you in a good emotional place like happy, joyful, grateful, and all the other P48 (Philippians 4:8) things we are to think on? It’s important to be conscious of our state of mind and emotions and eat our food when we are in the highest frequency energy vibrations possible.
Otherwise if you are sad, ungrateful, angry, or any other negative emotion your body will be operating in a low frequency energy vibration and your food will be attracted to those low frequencies as it enters your body. Then we don’t get the best benefit we could.
It’s important to bless the food because we speak those blessings that will add life into any area that a lower frequency may have entered into the food even before we received it. We have the power to bless and release anything that is harmful in the food like chemicals etc. Blessing our food and eating in a high frequency allows the food we intake to become healing in a natural and a supernatural way. 
Join us for River Sound as we journey together in relationship and encourage each other as we learn about the many different ways we can take care of our body and to bless it. We need our body to be on this earth and we need to serve our body and our body serves us, in health.
River Sound will launch October 7th at 10:00am CT.

Catching Your Thoughts


By Boston C!

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

Science shows the benefits of catching your thoughts.
When you make a conscious decision to focus and direct your attention correctly, you change physical matter. Your brain and your body change in a healthy way as well. Purposefully catching your thoughts can control the brain’s sensory processing, the brain’s rewiring, the neurotransmitters, the genetic expression, and all cellular activity in a positive or negative entanglement. 
We choose! 
The benefits of catching any negative thoughts is life changing. Not catching those thoughts will lead to a potential spiral into confusion and varying levels of mental despair. Live in a state of being, having a confident expectation of good. 
Oh, and by the way, Her name is called Hope!
Good to know!
“Live Above The Sun!”

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