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Defining The Fourth Pillar of QRST: Trading

By πdpiper

The simplest definition of trading is the exchanging of one thing for another—I give you something of mine in exchange for something of yours.

Long before the invention of money, trading existed. It could even be said that the First Trade is older than time itself. Although, not immediately recognizable we see it in the opening verses of creation. At the spark of light an exchange took place—a relational exchange, between the Father, Son, and Spirit.

However, Genesis 1:1-3 only reveals one side of this exchange: the Father creating light with his word. The second side of the exchange is hidden in mystery and kept in secret. And for thousands of years, and longer still, the mystery persisted, until John the Beloved would finally write about it, saying:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and without Him not even one thing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”

Chew on the magnificent mic drop for minute…for a day. For a lifetime!

In three simple verses, John reveals the mystery of the most significant event in the history of mankind, ever. If he had stopped right there—had he not finished the rest of the book, it would have been enough. The crowd goes wild! “Well done, John! Bravo! Bravo! Bravissimo!”

John reveals the mysterious party of the Genesis Trade in the beginning of creation in the person of Jeshua HaMashiah. The Word. The light.

And John reveals the outcome of this trade verse 3: All things came into being. This exchange between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit brought forth the whole of creation. It set the atoms in motion.

I like to express this relational exchange as a dance. There in shear delight of one another, twirling and swirling and singing, came a glorious energy of vibrating voices. And creations was made. 

The synergistic outflow of their quantum entanglement of love was called creation.

This first quantum relational synergistic trade set the stage and established an everlasting model for mankind, and revealed another magnificent effect: an endless outflow of light an love for the benefit of all creation, forever. For when the Godhead entangled in their dance, they weren’t just considering their own delight. They had the idea of creation on their mind.

They purpose to create a world through relational trading; one that could participate in their dance and benefit from their eternal love.

Again, John reaches back to this exchange, when he echoes Jeshua’s encouragement: “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love among one another.” If re-read this through the lens of the Genesis trade it could be read like this: “All will experience and everlasting, beneficial love at its source, if you will twirl and swirl and sing with one another in delight, just as the Father and I did in the beginning.”

You see, the primary purpose of Jeshua’s exhortation wasn’t to find identity. That was a secondary result. Rather, it was about engaging in relational trading that creates an eternal love that the world could experience and benefit from. And They gave us the model in the beginning!

And so, through the model of the Genesis Trade, we established the fourth ATS Pillar of trading: when two or more individuals interact in relational trading, whatever the mutual benefit might be for each other, the exchange itself will produce a greater benefit for the community.

In a follow-up post, I’ll breakdown the three trading traits that ATS Relationships exhibit: trading-in the old for the new; trading-up for something of greater value; trading-on the covenant loyalty and favor of Heaven’s Bright Sun.

Until then, let your relational trades create, and invite the world to experience it!


Gimel's Gate: Transdimensional Ephesians 1

By Mississippi Sound

I was so excited to be guided through Ephesians 1 with Bralynn Newby on Spirit – Centered Business. She is a trailblazing, Kingdom warrior called to release and activate voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion, traded away or deteriorated influence. As a Spiritual Engineer she helps people navigate the heavenly business center to get the destiny scroll for their business, and establish it in the spirit realm. She works with Holy Spirit to remove blocks, increase productivity and flow, and release resources and heavenly assistance. Go follow the link and hear her fresh perspective and revelation on how trans-dimensional she finds Ephesians 1, in two podcasts, using the passion translation. Trans-dimensional is not just quantum but it actually brings the quantum into the 3-D so its trans…dimensional.

I’ll share a few favorite Golden Nuggets that stood out to me:

1) We are the ones made holy which means – set apart in a place where common things are not. We are made in God’s image, set apart, and we are creators.

2) Quantum means – science of the unseen things. We realize we are quantumly entangled with Jesus. When we read we are wrapped up as one with Him. We are also entangled together with each other as one because we are all one in Jesus. We read about quantum entanglements all through the word. 

3) God releases grace over us and imparts total wellbeing over our lives. The word charis is Greek for grace. It describes that which brings pleasure and joy to the human heart, employing a strong emotional element. God’s grace includes favor and supernatural potency and is meant to leave us both charming and beautiful.

4) Every spiritual blessing is already prepared in the heavenly realm and is lavished upon us as a love gift for us to receive from our heavenly Father. God doesn’t withhold anything if we are mature enough to handle it because he sees us wrapped into Christ.

5) God imparts the riches of the Spirit of Wisdom and Spirit of Revelation to know him through your deepening intimacy with him. We are called unto deepening intimacy with God to know who he is and who we are plus the mysteries of the kingdom. This is how we pull on and press into those promises to get them through the spirit realm and into our soul and our body and into our 3-D realm. 

6) The light frequency of God will illuminate the eyes of your imagination, flooding you with the light (frequency) until you experience the full revelation of the hope of his calling. That is God’s wealth of his inheritance that he finds in us, his holy ones.

To be continued…Next week I will share my favorite Golden Nuggets from part 2’s podcast.



The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Epigenetics, as a reminder, is the study of how gene expression is affected by behaviors and the environment. It shows us that the good, the bad, and the ugly do come down through the generations. However, your mind is the signal – the epigenetic factor – that switches these genes on or off. Therefore, you are not destined to live out the negative patterns of your fore-bearers. You can choose to overcome by tweaking their patterns of expression. The good news is that we are each responsible for our own junk and not those of our ancestors. Thinking and speaking negatively about problems serve as the signal that makes it a reality. P48 (Phil. 4:8) is the solution and the way of staying on the path. Good to know!

Up and away.

“Live Above The Sun!”

ATS Team

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