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Reimagine. Everything decentralized. Where news & entertainment, health & improvement, cryptocurrency, enterprise and more…are elevated into new perspectives through truth and hope. Where relationships lead them all.

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ABOVE THE SUN sparked from an idea. An idea to bring together luminaries that want to create alternatives to below-the-sun media.

We are luminaries building relationships that give importance to the individual as much as the whole.

We are curators coming together to provide illuminating insight on: news, wealth, education, entertainment, and more. Proving that hope can sell more than fear, we bring an alternative insight that elevates knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; that provides solutions. 

What We Offer

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  • A place where we can hear YOUR voice
  • Build relationships
  • Get empowered
  • Trade with others living above the sun

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The System Wants to Keep You Chained.

You want change, and you know it starts with you, but having a community to bond and grow with is how you will succeed.

Timing is critical, and now is the moment to prioritize yourself by gaining a tribe, growing your knowledge, and sharing who you are with others.

Others will begin to notice the changes in you and will want to know what changed. This is your chance to impact others with what you have gained from this community.

Overcoming your below-the-sun mindset and achieve your goals

Break Free, Join, & Participate!

How to Be a Part of the Community

If you are looking for a community that will hear you and are willing to make an impact in your life. Take the next three steps.

Quantum Relational Synergistic Trading

The sum total of our thoughts causes us to make choices as actions, and these actions are formed when our attention and intention are directed towards someone else. 

When we function out of the framework of QRST we are able to make right choices and manifest our desired outcome, and when QRST becomes fully activated in your life, you will be able to truly LIVE ABOVE THE SUN!

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Our Promise

Relationship above all else.

We walk in relationship. Everything is measured through Protocol 48 (P48). Our content, news, entertainment follow these principles. Our motivation, thinking, and interactions with you are governed by these values.

What Our Community Is Saying…

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