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An Expression of Worship

By Mississippi Sound

I would like to share with you my expression of meditative ascension in worshiping Yahweh.

I begin worshiping by going through the veil, the blood, the door. I see all three of these as my way to ascend into the kingdom of heaven. The word says the kingdom is within us. I can see my entrance into the kingdom as going within myself, or I can see it as going up into the kingdom to ascend to the throne and worshiping my loving creator, “in Spirit” and “in Truth.”

Everything is alive and has a frequency. Truth is also a being, and I am never alone in my time of worship because there are many beings around the throne. I am always in union with Yahweh, but now I focus on being conscious of this union as I am, one with Father. He is in me, and I am in him, and we are in a continuous flow that flows in a circular motion. 

The throne has an atmosphere for worship. I begin to focus on bringing my whole body into worship. I engage with every part of my body, from every organ: the system, cells, brain, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. I bring my whole body, mind, and spirit into unity with the atmosphere of worship that is before the throne. This atmosphere is vibrating with many frequencies, some are the beings of Love, Peace, Joy, Thankfulness, Gratitude, etc. I enjoy them all encircling in me and flowing from me throughout my whole being and back to the Father. 

My heart is so full of gratitude, and I am so thankful for this intimate relational time with the One who is so faithful to me and who never leaves me nor forsakes me! It is in worship that Father increases all these frequencies that exist in me that look like Him. Every cell that makes up my being has light within it, and Father brings an increase of frequency to the light within those cells. He takes all that I am and makes me into all that He is.

As He is, so am I in this world. I am the I-Am’s. May you be blessed in your meditative time of true worship and shine even brighter as He lights up all that you are!

Our Perceptions Count

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

Our perception of environments and how we manage our environments,
controls our bodies and lives. If you change your perception, you change your biology (The study of life). We are the destiny masters of our lives and not victims. Stay in the vine and the result will be to grow and thrive in every area of life.
We are all biologists! So study your life.
Intention of the heart is a key to successful living. Real spiritual and scientific action is needed to see your environment change to what you imagine it to be. 
The big idea is that your brain will do what the mind tells it to do. 
Desiring the mind of the anointing will keep you on the path of life. 
The gold standard of thinking is to understand we are a spirit first, then a soul that express’s itself through the body here on the earth. Choices are real. They affect how the chemicals and wiring of the brain change and function. There is a relationship between you and how you understand and perceive your inner thought life. We can choose who we will be, moment by moment. Choices are captured in the thought networks we build. 
Always remember, spiritual life informs scientific life and not the other way around.
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