120. Another Example Of A Vicious Cycle

  • Happy Birthday Mississippi Sound!
  • River Sound Is Here!
  • Another Vicious Cycle

Happy Birthday Mississippi Sound!

Yesterday was Mississippi’s Birthday!
We love you! You’ve walked with us in relationship from the beginning. Above The Sun would not be what it is without you!
Thanks for all the Dolla’ Weed!
Love, Honor, and Blessings!
ATS Team

River Sound Is Here!

River Sound begins this morning!
Meeting on Zoom at 11am ET/10am CT/8am PT.
Hosted by our own Mississippi Sound.
An unrecorded zoom meetup to engage in encouraging relationship.
We’ll deep dive into topics such as;
Listening to our bodies
Communicating with our bodies
Blessing our bodies
Breath and Breathing
Using healthier substances and supplements
The things we consume
Naturopathic care and homeopathy
Emerging and re-emerging health technologies
Living Above The Sun together

Another Example Of A Vicious Cycle


By Boston C!

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

Stress is the key to understanding the association between depression and heart disease. Not catching and stopping those thoughts leads to negative, toxic thoughts being wired into the brain; this can lead to depressive thoughts, which causes the body to go into stage two of stress. 
In response, the immune system produces proteins called cytokines, as a positive inflammatory response to protect the brain and body against stress. If stress is not controlled, the depression increases and the person moves into stress stage 3; over time the inflammation also increases and can lead to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and cardiovascular disease. 
All this is from not catching those negative, toxic thoughts. Only think and focus on good thoughts. 
Memorize and practice Philippians 4:8
It will change your life! 
Good to know!

YouTube Channel Update

We’ve uploaded a number of videos to the channel.
πdpiper takes a deep dive into Heb. 4 & 2 Pt. 1 to share about entering and living from the Now.
BostonC Broods, Muses and Governs Time!
“Live Above The Sun!”

ATS Team

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