104. Did You Know Your Relationships Define Your Community?

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Defining The 2st Pillar QRST: Quantum

By πdPiper

Just pull up any online dictionary, and you’ll find the term “relational” defined as having the chief function of indicating a relation. “Relation” can be defined as an aspect or quality that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together or as being of the same kind. For example, the relation between time and space.

Following this same line of thinking within the context of quantum science, and you can derive this definition: the quantifiable connection and qualitative nature between two or more quantum values identified by their observable interactions within a quanta.

Kind of makes your head spin, doesn’t it. No worries. To simplify, it just means that when two things are connected, that connection can be seen and described at some level by an outside observer.

Essentially, the observed interaction helps define the relational connection.

As an example, Jesus said that the world will know that we are His disciples by our expression of love for each other. (John 13:35) It is the quantifiable expression of love, with one another, that defines or our relational connection to each other.

But more importantly, it establishes our relational connection to Him, which defines all of us, or the whole, as his!

Again, when two or three are gathered in Father’s name, He is there, as well. The individuals are identify by “gathered in His name”. That’s their relational connection. Then the “He is present” becomes the observable expression and identification of the whole, or the quanta.

“Relational” is a simple word, but its application is deeply significant to the whole. When you define the connection between two individuals, you ultimately define the whole.

The Relational pillar represents this core principle; it sits at the center of who we are, and helps to shape and give expression to the quanta, Above The Sun.

In addition, it also serves the purpose as an adjective in QRST to highlight the nature of the other three pillars–interweaving the quality of relationship into the definitions of quantum, synergistic, and trading.

This pillar is critical to our success. That’s why ATS relationships don’t just exists as good ideas or enlightened concepts. Rather, they are viewed and engaged with as living, breathing entanglements, easily observable and openly accessible.

Just like “Relational”, each pillar of QRST supports and builds upon the other three. You’ll began to see this more as I continue to define the final two pillars in follow up posts. Until then…


Your Choices Change Your Brain - Choices, choices, choices!

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

The natural consequences of our thoughts and imagination get “under the skin” of our DNA and can turn certain genes on and off, changing the structure of the neurons in our brains. Through our thoughts we can be our own brain surgeon and rewire our brains by thinking and choosing to renew our minds.

This change in thinking impacts every level: molecular, genetic, cellular and so on, even down to the subatomic level. We are designed to do our own brain surgery. This scientific power is called epigenetics, or as a man–thinks so is he. The way the brain changes as a result of mental activity is called neuroplasticity, the renewing of the mind.

Choices become signals that change our brain and body, and are not dictated by our genes. Thinking and choices become the signal switches for our genes. Genes are dormant until switched on by a signal; until then, they only have potential, but they have to be activated and unzipped to release that potential.

Good to know…Up and away!

“Live Above The Sun!”


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