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Face To Face


By Mississippi Sound

We are so blessed to be raised up with Yeshua and seated with Him in heavenly places. One of the places I love to go is to meet him face to face. Have you ever ascended with the intention of meeting Yahweh face to face? 
Have you ever exchanged breaths with your Father? As you come close to Him, face to face, you will feel His breath upon your face. As you breathe in you will receive His breath into your being. His breath is his very essence of who He is down to the frequency, sound, and vibration of His DNA. His frequency of love enters and vibrates in your very being. As it enters your lungs it begins to move through your body and brings this life DNA frequency to your innermost being. Out of your innermost being flows rivers of life from you! 
The more you sit “face to face” with Yahweh with the intention of receiving and learning of His love the stronger the river of love will flow from your innermost being. No longer will it be a trickle, but a flowing river that will go out and bring life to every dry place it touches. 
Sometimes this life force flowing river will flow because of the DNA frequency that is in our own breath that Father has energized. Our breath in high frequency of love creates and releases life. 
Sometimes it will be our bio-field around us that hosts and contains this same DNA frequency of love that flows from Father through us and beyond us in this bio-field of energy. So, like Peter we may affect others as they are in this shadow or bio-field that flows from us. 
What you exhale enters back into Father and as He breathes your breath back into Himself. He returns it back into His frequency, sound, and vibration that is ready to be released once again as the breath of life containing the very essence of love that He is!

Entering Into Directed Rest


By Boston C!

(Inspired commentary based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf)

When we direct our rest by introspection, self-reflection, when we catch our thoughts; and when we develop our mind intellectually, we enhance the default mode network (DMN) that improves brain function and mental, physical, and spiritual health. 
Order is clearly reflected in the organization of the brain. The brain is designed to work in a series of coordinated networks. The scientific expression for this is  integrative functional organization, which means that all parts of the brain are connected, work together, and impact each other. 
The nonconscious part of our minds is where most of the mind-action takes place, and it is always dominant, twenty-four hours a day. It is where we are thinking, choosing, building, and sorting thoughts. What we consciously think and what we say and do is all driven by the information and activity in the nonconscious mind. The nonconscious mind has the roots of all our words and actions, and we choose with our minds what these roots will be. 
When we go into a directed rest- a focused, introspective state – we enhance and increase the effectiveness of the activity in the nonconscious. 
Good to know and so, Rest my friend!
Up and away!

License, Liberty, and Your Aperture for Chaos

In this ATS Highlight, πdpiper talks about managing the new ideas and experience that comes from expanded paradigms of freedom in Father’s realms.