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The Law of Sowing and Reaping


By Mississippi Sound

It’s my pleasure to share with you a recent Facebook post from the amazing Corina Pataki!
We must be very careful what we sow! 
The Law of Sowing and Reaping is always in full action, no matter if we believe that or not! 
If we sow wind, we will reap a whirlwind!
If we sow flowers, we will reap a garden.
If we sow poop, we will reap a literal waist land and a sewer field!
We can not sow weeds and expect a harvest of wheat!
We can not sow evil (by returning evil) for the good that was done on our behalf by others and expect promotion, expension and an awakening in our spiritual evolution!
We must be very careful what we sow in the ground of someone’s heart, soul, their spirit…what we sow in them, on them, in their face AND behind their backs! 
We can not sow gossip and reap a field of true, trustworthy friends. 
We can not sow a field of finger pointing, accusations and dishonor and expect favor, grace, love and honor!
And no, Jesus will not make it all better when we continue to CHOOSE to engage this very clear “law” in a negative way. All is seen and all will come to full growth, bringing a harvest of what we sowed and its reality in our lives. 
We ARE the creators of our own reality and one way we create that is according to what we sow.
Sow only what is the fruits of Abba, Divine Source and all that reflects THAT.
Corina Tonc-Pataki

The Journey to Discover QRST


By πdpiper

What does it stand for? QRST stands for “Quantum Relational Synergistic Trading”, and they are foundational pillars upon which all things Above The Sun is built.
If you were to have a conversation with any member of the ATS team, you would come to understand that ATS was established and developed upon relationship. Through relationships, its vision and mission—its purpose and function—came alive.
But relationships are organic,. They are like water. How do you build something upon water. You can’t, unless you understand its physical dynamics and properties.
It’s the same with relationships. Their fluidity makes them very hard to build upon. It’s hard to create structures that are durable, highly functional; yet flexible and able to withstand extreme fluctuations, without limiting or diminishing the strengths and advantages of water. Very hard, but not impossible.
In the first half of 2021, when the ATS team made “relationships first” our core value, we chose it to be the foundation to build and launch ATS into the future. It was a lofty goal. We knew it was right. We knew it was from “above the sun.” But we didn’t know how to define it. We had no language to express its dynamics and properties—for ourselves, or for anyone else,.
And so…we began a journey of conversation—of many, MANY conversations—to discover “how to build upon water.”
In the Fall of 2021, like children discovering their first words, we came upon QRST. (More like, we were given it.) We sounded them out. We got comfortable using them in sentences, but they we were still very foreign to us. And so, the journey of conversation continued.
Over the next several months, and into 2022, QRST began to come alive in us. Its framework developed. Its key concepts became daily exercises. We wove them into our interactions with family, friends, and perfect strangers.
Now…more than two years have past since we began the journey to discover how to “build upon water”—how to grow a thriving and functional platform. And how we’ve grown! Although, there isn’t much to look at above the surface, the pillars below have become superstructures; ready to support and carry the weight of ATS’s future.
Blessings & Shalom



By Boston C!

(Inspired commentary based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf)

As a continuation from the post on 11/18 about the organized networks in the brain; an important property of these brain networks is called 
anti-correlation, which means we switch back and forth between the various networks. 
For example, when we have flexible and creative thinking, we are able to shift between thoughts and capture and control thoughts. This of course is good and exactly what we want. We need this flexibility as we go through life. Such as the controling of our reactions to the events and circumstances of life. Self-controlling our reactions requires flexibility in our thinking. 
Be mindful that our brain works for us and is not intended to control us. Good to know!
Up and away!

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