106. Freedom, Peace, Joy and The Impact of Thoughts

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  • Fear, Greed, And Freedom
  • Gimel’s Gate: Shoes of Peace and it’s best friend Cup of Joy
  • Our Thoughts Can Impact The Next Four Generations

Fear, Greed, And Freedom

By Golden Noodle

Fear and greed and the road in between. Any look at the market or the news cycle will tempt you one way or the other. And even greed most often comes shrouded in FOMO, the fear of missing out. Fear grips the entire planet these days. Right now the crypto world is bleeding out because of macroeconomic forces, manipulation, and a string of failures. Similar forces are impacting the stock market as well as a number of economies all over the globe. It’s a tough time to have access to the knowledge of what’s happening on this little blue marble. Navigating it is difficult.

In the crypto world there’s a tool called the fear and greed index. It’s goal is to determine the driving emotions behind the market. It does this by weighing different sources of data associated with Bitcoin and the impact it has on the entire market. Volatility, Market Momentum/Volume, Social Media, Surveys, Dominance, and Trends. Volatility is the price movement in either direction. Market Momentum/Volume is the amount of Bitcoin currently trading. Social Media delves into Twitter and counts posts and hashtags related to Bitcoin. Surveys, currently paused, asks people how they see the market. Dominance is the market cap share of the whole crypto market for Bitcoin, and determines if people are investing in Bitcoin or more risky altcoins. And Google Trends to monitor popular searches such as “bitcoin price manipulation” to determine what people are asking about the market. Which often reveals the overall perception of the market.

Since April of 2022 the needle has been steadily falling to Fear and since May and the fall of LUNA/UST the needle has been pegged at Extreme Fear. The stock market has been bailing out of the same boat. Massive losses in the stock market have contributed to the loss of .5 to 1.8 Trillion in the net worth of American households alone. And that’s just one estimate. The stock market has it’s own fear and greed index to monitor market conditions and it looks the same as crypto. Pegged at Extreme Fear.

Most of 2020 and large portions of 2021 were an incredible bull market for crypto. Characterized by extreme FOMO and massive profits. Insane four digit return rates for staking and surging price runs. Many fortunes were made and invested. Extreme greed drove a pounding and incessant cadence that resonated with many people and got the attention of major financial institutions and governments across the globe. And as crypto corrects over half of that inflation has bleed off since the all time highs.

So where is the Freedom?

I could tell you encouraging statistics and point to past crypto winters and bear markets. There have been many. I could tell you that some of the largest fortunes have been made during turbulent times. I could tell you that a bear market represents an unprecedented buy opportunity once the volatility settles. Vast family fortunes have been built that way. I could tell you to HODL, many have before you and have been rewarded greatly. I could tell you things will get better. And they might. I personally believe they will. But that’s not freedom, that’s hope, optimism and a little history.

Freedom is in knowing that fear and greed don’t make our decisions. The fear and greed indexes provide information that confirm my decisions at best and at minimum help me determine the market conditions I’m stepping into. Freedom is in my relationship with YHVH, Yeshua, and Ruach Hakodesh. Freedom is in making my decisions in the Spirit and trusting that my foot shall not strike a stone. Many of my decisions over the past year seem foolish from certain perspectives. But as a Son I made those decisions in relationship with my Father. They are already successful on that metric alone. Fear and Greed are guardrails that as Sons we avoid and stick to the path. Freedom is any decision made in union from Above the Son.


Gimel's Gate: Shoes of Peace and it's best friend Cup of Joy

By Mississippi Sound

I want to just be open with you today. I am sure I am not alone in saying, that there are days that I misplace my shoes of Peace. The thing is, when I misplaced my shoes of Peace it seems that peace also takes with it, its best friend, my cup of Joy. Who knew they were best friends? This left me feeling weak and vulnerable to everything around me including my character. I realize that I need all of the fruit of the Spirit to be whole and complete. When any fruit gets misplaced, guess what happens, it gets quickly replaced with a counterfeit fruit from the enemy. 

Now, I must go back to see where I have misplaced my Peace and my Joy. I must look to see what is in me that doesn’t look like my brother, Yeshua. My destiny purpose is to become “as Yeshua is, so am I, in this world.” When I am, as my brother is, I can operate and vibrate in a frequency that shifts and changes everything around me. I am no longer living under the sun but I am now living above the sun! I am now ready for all my daily (QRST) quantum relational synergistic trading entanglements. Now, I am aligned with the Father’s heart to operate out of Peace and Joy.  This alignment will allow a river to flow from my innermost being and bring the kingdom to the earth in blessing, favor, and prosperity. This my friend is called overcoming.

As I looked back I realized why I had lost my Peace and Joy. It was because I was not in the character to do everything as unto the Lord, therefore when my shoes of Peace and it’s best friend my cup of Joy flew out the window and became misplaced, so did my character. My character got hijacked by the enemy and now became a counterfeit character that was not making the choices that I wished to make.

As my brother in Christ, Troy Brewer said in his email post today, which by the way was very timely, “Character is the God-given ability to make the right choice when most people don’t. Character is working hard for your goals even when you don’t see an immediate payoff. It is doing the job when others shut down and it’s pressing forward when others have given up. If you have character, you are constantly making things happen.” I choose to be an overcomer and to be a person that makes things happen! But just remember, it is a choice!

Troy went on to say, “Have an attitude that nobody can keep you from serving God. Even if it’s flipping burgers, or changing diapers, writing a ticket on the side of the highway, digging a ditch or running a major company, do it to serve the Lord.”

The way to the throne room is through the servant’s quarters. From Troy’s  book: Miracles with a Message.


Our Thoughts Can Impact The Next Four Generations

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

Our Thoughts Can Impact The Next Four Generations – Science has demonstrated how the thought networks pass through the sperm and the ova via DNA to the next four generations. Not only does food change generational patterns, but thinking does as well. The way we react – our thinking and choosing – becomes the signal that activates or deactivates the generational issues in our lives. Imagine that! So, good to know.

Up and away.

“Live Above The Sun!”

ATS Team

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