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  • Gimel’s Gate: Engaging the Month of Iyar
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  • Where’s Your Wallet?

Gimel's Gate: Engaging the Month of Iyar

By Mississippi Sound – 2 minute read

It always excites me to share about the Hebrew months. Of course you know it, I am using one of my favorite books “A Time To Advance” by: Chuck Pierce. All of the information is taken from his chapter on Iyar – The Month of Issachar (April/May). I am truly amazed how each month still associates with this time and season. I see the correlation in my personal and sometimes in my business life. Here we go!

“On Monday we began the month of Iyar. Iyar is associated with the Hebrew letter VAV. VAV means – connection and linking. It is associated with the Tribe of Issachar – which is the month known for it’s anointing to understand the times and to understand secrets.”

“Some characteristics: Natural healing manifests dealing with processing thoughts, dealing with the conscience of the soul, and receiving spiritual advice. This natural healing is not the same as miracles. There is no striving. Remember In Ex. 15:26, “I Am the Lord your Healer.” This is the time to contemplate numbers whether they come by a dream, a vision or divine revelation.”

“If darkness tries to overtake you this month say “NO” loud! Remember that Isaiah 60 says, “The glory can be seen on you and radiates off of you.” This month light up with His glory!”

“This month is associated with your conscience, which is linked with your thought processes and your emotions – your adrenal flow. The conscience is the overlaying window or “eye” between your spirit and your soul. God wants us to cleanse your conscience this month. For this to remain we need to align the window of heaven and keep it open with the window of your conscience. This will keep us from missing what Father is blowing into us.”

“This month God is permeating your mind. Your mind is not your brain. Our brain will resist your mind changing. If you have a wrong file in your brain, you will have to remove that file for your mind to think right. Your mind is the thinking process of your heart. For out of the mouth the heart speaks. If your emotions are messed up, then you have feelings that are impregnating your thought processes.”

There’s so much more information in this book. These are the highlights for this month of Iyar. Get a copy of A Time to Advance, by Chuck Pierce with Robert & Linda Heidler,” and enjoy each month with the great knowledge Chuck has about the Hebraic months and tribes!


The Switch Gene - Growing New Branches

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

The Switch Gene – We choose to switch this gene on with our thoughts. Our thoughts is the Signal spoken of previously. Information in the form of electromagnetic and chemical signals moves towards the front part of the brain. It becomes amplified and highly active stimulating the release of special proteins inside the cell. Turning on the gene acts like a light switch that we choose to switch on or off by our thoughts. Genetic expression is activated (making of proteins). We grow protein branches that hold our memories and thoughts. When we choose to switch on the gene because of our thoughts that we allow to permeate our brains, protein synthesis happens and a new branch grows and makes a connection at a synapse to other branches. Good to know.

Up and away.

Where's your wallet?

By The Golden Noodle – 4 minute read

We all know the dread that thought can produce. Your heart seems to miss a beat and your hands instinctively go to your pockets or bag where you know it should be. Once you find that familiar lump you feel somehow better than before you “lost” it. Endorphins flood your system. And you imagine you now know what Indiana Jones felt right after burgling a temple. Smile, adjust your hat and enjoy the rest of your vacation Champ!

But what is a wallet? I’ve had the same one for twenty five years. A few layers of cows butt and silk. A filing cabinet I keep in my bag. So much a part of me my chiropractor said to keep it in my front pocket so I don’t misalign my spine! And it doesn’t contain anything of intrinsic value! Even the cash is only a “treasury note,” whatever that means in 2022. It’s only functional with other people who agree that it has value.

Essentially a wallet answers two important questions. Who are you and what buying power do you have access to? Passport, drivers license or military ID. Cash, Debit, or Credit. Today’s crypto wallets do exactly that.

When you open a wallet, likely your first one is or was MetaMask, it gives you a unique wallet address. A string of letters and numbers averaging 32-42 characters. That’s your wallet name and it’s unique to you. No one else in the world has that address. And like an email address you can share it publicly with whomever you wish to trade. Each currency uses a variation of the address. Just like your savings account is different than your checking account. Same bank, different drawer. The crypto wallet you use will manage those account numbers for you.

You can have multiple digital wallets. Each one doing essentially the same thing, just with different benefits and uses. Answering who you are and how much can you spend. You have a private address that links your wallet to your public address, but you don’t have to memorize those. Your wallet does that for you and you just have to remember your login password. And don’t worry if you forget it, we all do. When you setup the wallet you’ll create a seed phrase. A string of 12-24 words that you write down and keep in a safe place. Those prove you are who you say you are, like your ID.

And just like cash and debit are different there are two main categories of digital wallet. A software wallet like MetaMask or Coinbase and a hardware wallet like Ledger or KeepKey.

Software wallets exist as part of your web browser, like Brave, Chrome, or Safari. Or on your phone as an App. Software wallets are there to make it easy to buy and sell online. Like a debit card. The company, either centralized or decentralized, is keeping records of what currencies you have access to and how much of each. Then provides tools to trade those with people and businesses. The downside is that you depend on the integrity of the owner of the software. The ownership part gets confusing and varies by entity. Coinbase owns your private keys. They keep your ledger on their hardware, and that gives them capabilities similar to the bank or even PayPal. Should they decide you don’t exist, or don’t own what you think you own, they hold the power. Regardless of the specifics, the arrangement is between you, the blockchain, and another entity. Easy and accessible, but vulnerable.

Hardware wallets attempt to solve this by fully isolating your private keys from the digital world. The hardware part can be misleading. While it is in fact a physical device, it’s a USB drive that has software on it. Just like that thumb drive with your tax records on it you keep safe somewhere. Only it can talk to your computer and work with your software wallets too. It has a unique address and keeps records of what currencies you have access to and how much you can spend. Just like your old wallet, but with new tricks! The difference is that you keep a copy of that information on the device itself. Your private keys. The information that connects you with the digital currencies you own. A hardware vault that can’t be hacked like your computer or phone. You still have a third party involved that keeps a record, but they aren’t involved with the transactions. Just keeping your records. Should you lose your wallet, your seed phrase will enable you to download a copy of your records. Your ledger.

Your hardware wallet must be connected, either physically to the computer, or using Bluetooth. Ledger conveniently connects to MetaMask so you get the best of both software accessibility and hardware security. You’re doing the job your bank used to do. Your own personal vault that only you have access to. While unplugged your keys are as safe as any information existing on the blockchain. Your keys, your coin. And you can send and receive money with no middle man. Just you, the blockchain, and internet access. All you need is your public address to give to whomever your trading with, and their wallet address. No banks. No governments. Even cash can’t do that!

Navigating the floating nation requires you to take ownership of things that our culture has relinquished slowly over time. We’ve traded control for convenience. But with a little research, some new vocabulary, and a lot of patience you can take it back!

Smile, adjust your hat, and enjoy your freedom Champ!


“Live Above The Sun!”


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