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Fresh Resolution Perspective

As we enter this bright New Year I thought Nicole Andrew from 28 Lions had a fresh perspective on INJoying life in this coming year and leaving behind New Year resolutions! While resolutions may be for some she chooses to change habits in micro-bits every new day.
Here’s her story: 
I Embrace the Fresh Start NOW.
New Years resolutions really aren’t my thing. 
I love the fact that instead of new year’s resolutions, I change habits in micro-bits every new day. It’s how I’m able to make decisions easily, move, operate, and ENJOY my life.
I learned this about 5 years ago. 
I used to operate in stress. Stress can really put you in a rut and make you feel burdened, stuck, and tired.
The stress affected my mindsets, my health, my family, and my career.
BUT, something clicked. My eyes opened and I realized that instead of waiting to start at a later date, I change NOW.
That’s the PLACE I flow from—THE NOW.
I learned that our brains are made like plastic. It’s called Neuroplasticity.
Basically, our brains are so flexible, so malleable, we have the ability to REWIRE ourselves to transform into someone new.
That’s exactly what I’ve done. 
Here it is:
Practicing Gratitude.
Putting Others First.
Letting Go of Control.
Meditating and breathing.
Owning my mistakes (not giving excuses).
For me, my meditation was in prayer, a silenced calming of my thoughts, and in scripture reading. I found it more effective to ponder/study a Bible verse, than read through the Bible in a year.
Doing that continually every day for about 2 years changed EVERYTHING!
It brought me peace, rest, a change in my speech, and it put a smile on my face. I am joyful, loving, bold, eager to help, thankful, and fearless. I am my best self.
May this new year bring you blessing.

Defining The Third Pillar of QRST: Synergistic


By πdpiper

In our last post defining the 2nd Pillar: Relational, I talked about the relational dynamics at play in Matthew 18:20, “where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”. I also mentioned that the relational connection of the individuals in this verse are identified by ‘gathered in His name’, and that His presence becomes the observable identification of the whole.”
Relational Pillar represents the quality and nature of the relational connection. Building upon this, QRST goes up another level with the third pillar, Synergistic, which represents the causality, or the cause and effect of a relational phenomena.
Synergistic comes from synergism which is the interaction of two or more agents or forces whose combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.
If we take a look again at Matthew 18:20, we see the Greek word for “gathered together” is synēgmenoi. And its root word is sunago (συνάγω), which means to lead together, i.e. bring together, come together. But this type of “gather-together” gets a really interesting when you apply the synergistic principle that’s being implied in this verse.
Math gets an upgrade. 1 + 1 cease to equal 2; 1 + 1 + 1 stops being 3! Why?
It has to do with the other part of equation: “in My name”. “Gathered-together” + “in My name” creates a synergistic effect that changes the results of the equation. “In My name” establishes a synergistic relationship between the “two or three”, where the groups combined efforts produce more than the sum of their individual efforts.
How is this possible? Because the synergistic effect of gathering in His name, opens up a portal for the supply and enforcement of Yahweh’s government to flow into creation—”if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” By the way, this effect is also observable in the principle: not by power, nor by might, but His spirit.
Synergism truly is an above-the-sun technology, given to man in the beginning. It existed in the first Adam, and was observed in every interaction that Adam had with creation.
But corruption entered into the equation. So Father, in His mercy, love and compassion, decided to dumb-down the math. Unfortunately, mankind eventually ceased to gather in His name, altogether. So he decided to all but shut-off the technology to mankind.
He greatly limited the synergistic capabilities of mankind—only allowing small diminished expressions of it in creation; until the appropriate time came for His first-born to come and re-introduce the full potential of this technology. He realigned mankind’s relational connection with the Father, re-activated the higher math of synergistic relationship, and taught us how to step back into The Name and access this technology within ourselves.
As a pillar of QRST, relational synergism isn’t just having good feelings while working well with others. It is the quantum mechanics behind our Yeshua’s prayer of unity for those who are His.
Over the next week, as you gather with other Sons, reflect upon the relationships that Father has brought you into, and ask Him to expand your capacity to operate the synergistic technology within you. Look for opportunities to unlock the higher expression of “gathering in My name”, and watch how He responds above and beyond your greatest expectations.
In an upcoming post, I will dive into the fourth and final pillar of QRST: Trading, and finally tie all of the pillars together. Until then, think synergistically and…Live Above The Sun!

Next week on River Sound

Join us Next week January 13’th on River Sound. 
We’ll be joined by Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon.
Swiftfire International author, naturopathic doctor, conference speaker, experiencer and researcher.  She specializes in igniting all to TRUTH and TRUE wholeness path in mind, body and Spirit. 
Dr. Sharnael has done this in many ways, speaking in over 44 countries, writing 5 books including “The Science of Miracles”, “Keys to Third Heaven “ & “The Seers Handbook.” She’s also produced her beautiful Crystal Oils and Decree Deck. 
Dr. Sharnael’s passion in teaching and Truth facilitate support to the masses on an international scale through her online classes, her membership “Swiftfire University”, her social media and her podcast Dr. Sharnael TrueTv. 
You can find more about her on Her website https://www.swiftfire.org 
See you on the Sound!

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