109. Hebrew Letters, Science of Grace, Money

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  • The Hebrew Letters and Psalm 23
  • Scientific Evidence of YHVH’s Grace
  • Money, Root of all…

The Hebrew Letters and Psalm 23

By Mississippi Sound

Ian Johnson brings you into the very heart of the Father through the living multi-dimensional Hebrew Letters while looking at Psalms 23. You can find this teaching, “The Hebrew Letters and Psalm 23,” on Soundcloud under the name “Hagmian.”
Some believe the Hebrew letters are the literal voice of God. When YHVH spoke, he spoke in frequency and sound. The Hebrew letters are that sound that he gave breath to. YHVH captures your heart for scripture through the never-ending meaning for each 22 letters that brings the abundance of life.
Every Hebrew letter has a sound but it also has more than one sound; this gives it at least 32 dimensions in the letter. The sounds and frequencies are beyond words. This is why we can have so many different meanings in this language and some that are beyond words. 
The Hebrew letters are living and their sound and frequency brings life, to connect heaven to earth by the breath and essence of the all-sufficient one, YHVH.
Some details about David: He played the Jewish harp, and it had 22 strings. It is believed that each string carried a frequency and a sound for each one of the 22 Hebrew letters. When he worshipped with this harp, he released the sound and frequency from the letters, and he engaged with them as well. Don’t you think he got whacked in the spirit while playing the harp in worship, which released a sound and frequency for each letter? 
By thinking about these letters, worshiping, and playing the harp while engaging with the frequency and sound, it would connect heaven to earth. It was the heavenly engagement with the letters that swirled up into other dimensions, right into the goodness of the Father in a great habitation. I get why he was known as a worshipper now. Wow! Just Wow!
Next week we will look at a few verses from the teaching and how they connect to the Hebrew letters.

Scientific Evidence of YHVH's Grace

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

Scientific Evidence of YHVH’s Grace – There is a structure in the middle of the brain called the hippocampus. This seahorse-shaped structure processes incoming information and facilitates the conversion of short-term memory to long-term memory. It also deals with spatial memory as well as controlling our stress responses.
Scientists have found that in loving and nurturing environments, acetyl epigenetic markers increase on the genes in the hippocampus that keep us calm and peaceful. The more acetyl markers, the more these peace genes in the hippocampus express and dampen the stress response. Toxic choices produce the opposite effect. Acetyl markers reduce stress, methyl markers increase stress. The outcome, is now more or less peace, depending on our choosing.
 So methyl markers switch off genetic expression and acetyl markers switch on genetic expression. The “switching on or off” is based on the signal, and we can choose to switch. Desire to switch on good genetic expressions. Whether we switch on joy, peace, and good health or switch on anxiety, worry, and negativity, we are changing the physical substance of the brain. Therefore, choose well. Good to luminate on!
Up and away.

Money, Root of all…

By Golden Noodle

“Money. So they say. Is the root of all evil today.” – Pink Floyd
So they say.  
Do they though? Is it true?
I ran into this while listening to “Atlas Shrugged”, by Ayn Rand.  The roguish Francisco d’Anconia’s Speech on Money is a response to this phrase spoken by an obviously villainous character. He goes on for five pages praising money, going so far as to challenge the statement by suggesting money is the root of all good. And it’s a compelling counter argument. 
It challenged my own view of money.  
I wondered if the phrase was actually a verse at all.  But it is a direct quote from the King James version of 1 Timothy 6:10. Though all the modern translations I saw changed it from all to all kinds of evil. Or a root of all evil.  Either way clearly reducing the scope of the phrase.  “The” root reduced to “A” root of “many evils”.  Yet we’ve all experienced it intimately in some way. And it’s everywhere at the moment.
Some days it feels like it’s all anyone is talking about. 
And it matters what I think about money. As BostonC has been talking about for some time now, our thoughts manifest in three dimensions.  Our thoughts have creative power.  And the affect of these accumulated thoughts over years and even generations is subtle, and far more powerful than I’d realized. There are weeds in my roots.  
“But wait, Floyd! What’s love got to do with it?”, asks Tina.
Love is good, right?  I can love things.  If I “love” something I’ll likely take better care of it. So should I love money? Thankfully the Word is not so ambiguous here.  The word used for the love of money is philarguros, a Greek word meaning lover of money, or literally silver.  Silver lovers.  Silver being the predominant unit of exchange used at the time.  What Yeshua pulls from the fishes mouth in Matthew 17.  And not a puppy love either.  More lust than love.  Obsessive and unhealthy.
So I’m choosing to think differently about money.  Is it the root of all good, as Francisco says?  No.  We know better, and we know where all goodness is rooted.  But I’m free to LOVE money.  Like a Son.  I’m to guard my heart from philarguros. Sick love. But I change my intent to love money.  Even now those words feel like a moral typo.  
And when I have it I take care of it. Rooting seeds in goodness.  See it manifest goodness by my will and intent.  And when more comes from my Father, who apparently has gobs of the stuff, I’m ready to empower it to do according to it’s purpose and call it good. To never let the love of it open doors to fear.  
To create. To heal.  To enjoy. To provide.  To bless.  To manifest. 
To Trade.  
“Live Above The Sun!”

ATS Team

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