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Sons Play Through!

By Golden Noodle

I love thunderstorms. I love the feel in the air as one builds. Especially in the heat of midsummer, when the comparatively cold storm wind cuts through the heat. Animals take shelter, the sky deepens and descends, birds quiet, and tree leaves appear to turn upside down. The power of a storm is staggering and exhilarating. 
Today the news cycle is saying seek shelter. Constantly. The conversations seems to revolve around which, or whose, version of calamity will be accurate. 
So what do the Sons of YHVH do when it storms? Some great answers come up. Prepare what can be prepared.
Know what you have on hand.
Determine what you may need.
Establish communication expectations with your relationships.
Be aware of your finances.
Discover how to function and not depend on authorities or systems for a time. 
Be prepared to love yourself and your neighbor. 
And so much more. 
All good things. And the list can be intimidating. Sometimes, I think about it all at once and it sabotages my own efforts. 
I found some unexpected encouragement this week.  There’s a video of a band, Coheed and Cambria, playing an outdoor concert amid a gathering electrical storm.  Instead of shutting down the concert, they play through, and one of the most epic performances I’ve seen is captured. (LINK)  A band plays through one of its best songs while lightning streaks across the sky in accompaniment–seeming to strike in time. Even in the video you can feel the excitement. 
And that’s what Sons of YHVH do in storms. We play through! We engage relationships. We start businesses. We grow businesses. We invest. We create and raise families. We move and live and have our being IN HIM. 
We are fearless.
As in Isaiah 50 we set our face like flint. Like our brother ,Yeshua, we set our face towards the future and we are not distracted (Luke 9). 
Live Above The Storm

We Can Use Neuroplasticity to Renew Our Minds

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

Let’s talk more about Neuroplasticity and how we use that technology to renew our minds. As a reminder from last weeks newsletter, Neuroplasticity is the capacity for continuous alteration of the neural pathways and synapses of the living brain and nervous system in response due to experience or injury. The strategy is to apply neuroplasticity in the correct direction by rewiring the event or thoughts with the positive thinking of P48 (Philippians 4:8). Memorize it and luminate around it and see and experience the revelation that unfolds. 
You consciously choose to bring memories or thoughts into your consciousness where it becomes plastic enough to be changed. The physical substrate of memory and thoughts become weakened, vulnerable, malleable, and able to be manipulated. You replace negative mental events and negative thoughts with positive thoughts and pleasant experiences. 
Practicing this daily wires healthy new thoughts more deeply into the mind. Neurons that don’t get enough signal of those negative thoughts and events, start firing apart, wiring apart, pulling out, and destroying the emotions tied to any and all forms of trauma. Dopamine is released for increased focus and attention and serotonin will increase your feelings of peace and joy. 
So start practicing! If the negative neurons stop firing together, they will no longer wire together and therefore, wiping out and popping those connections and rebuilding new ones. 
So exciting, and good to know!

Before you go, Take a look at some great news!

This is the kind of news we love and are looking for!  
To see this energy manifesting around the Sons across the globe.  
This is the heart of YHVH on display.  
This is Living Above The Sun!
“Live Above The Sun!”

ATS Team

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