110. The Brain Reorganizes Throughout Our Lifetime

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  • The Hebrew Letters and Psalm 23 Part 2
  • The Brain Reorganizes Throughout Our Lifetime

Part 2 The Hebrew Letters and Psalm 23

By Mississippi Sound

(Part 2) – With Ian Johnson, as he shares the living multi-dimensional Hebrew Letters while looking at Psalm 23. This teaching can be found on Soundcloud, under the name “Hagmian.” The title for this teaching is “The Hebrew Letters and Psalm 23.”
Read Psalm 23, then see how he brings life to it with the Hebrew Letters. I’ll go over a few lines with you, and I will be skipping around some. You can continue on from the teaching on your own. 
The Lord is – The Hebrew letters for Lord are YHVH – Yod, Hei, Vav, Hei. 
YOD – all of creation, the essence of everything and the all spark. It is the dot, and the hinge of everything. HEI – is the breath, to behold, and can reveal. The creative breath for everything. VAV – has a connection to heaven and earth. God’s name has a Yod and two Hei’s in it with the Vav between them. The two Hei’s has the numerical value of 5 in it and 5 – means grace. Even in his name we see a double grace.
My Shepherd – Hei,  Ayin, and a Resh in it. 
RESH – is like the crowning head, like a birth. AYIN – is to see. HEI – creative breath. (YHVH is opening my eyes to see the creative breath of God.) The shepherd oversees us in everything that we do as our friend who loves us. 
I shall not want – Samekh, Resh.
SAMEKH – divine protection, support. RESH – head, first, birthing. A friend births you into divine protection and into life. Jesus said I give you life, and a life more abundant. This is the same abundance and life. It has no decrease, has life, and I will not want anything in life.
By the still waters – Nun, Chet, Hei, Mem, Tet, Yod.
NUN – seed, life, continue. It has 2 Nun’s so it’s a double amount of grace on the seed. CHET – wall, separation. HEI – creative breath. TET – basket, contain, surround. MEM – waters. YOD – creative, hinging power of YHVH. The sovereignty of YHVH will sweep out by grace and his creative breath anything that is obstructing you from flowing in the mercy and love of YHVH. The still is like the sovereignty of YHVH that cleans you up out of love. The waters – water is the Heavenly waters of YHVH.
I will fear no evil –  Evil has an Ayin, Resh.
AYIN – like the eye of YHVH. RESH – like the birthing. YHVH will use even evil to birth goodness in you. Shout right there. Everything is under the power and control of YHVH. Forces come against us, but we are in Yeshua: in his life, breath, river, green pastures, and all that he is. 
Psalms 23 begins with YHVH and ends with FOREVER – Ever, has a DALET – doorway, RESH – birthing and  an ALEF- beginning. A doorway to be birthed back into the beginning. It starts with YHVH and ends with a door back into the beginning. One big invitation into the goodness, mercy, love, blessing, river, abundance, rest, etc. of YHVH. 

The Brain Reorganizes Throughout Our Lifetime

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf”)

The brain has the amazing ability to reorganize throughout life, changing its structure and function through mental experience. The brain can get worse by focusing on problems, however, it can improve by understanding how to eliminate, replace, and solve those same problems.
Neuroplasticity, (the capacity for continuous alteration of the neural pathways and synapses of the living brain and nervous system in response due to experience or injury} can operate for us or against us, as whatever we think about the most will grow. Think about the good fruit that you want to grow on your trees and then plant the proper thought seeds necessary to accomplish positive desired outcomes. 
We will talk more about Neuroplasticity and how we use that technology to renew our minds. Good to know!
“Live Above The Sun!”

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