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Febuary 24th On River Sound

It is our pleasure to welcome Michelle Spires!

Michelle is a mom of 2 amazing girls and a Quantum Leap Coach. She’s journeyed through personal training, nutrition counseling, essential oils and more on her quest for health and wellness. While she found each of them to be beneficial, there was still a piece missing.  
Through Quantum Leap Coaching, she found true health and wellness comes from the inner. It’s our natural design. To remember our health and life, we peel off the layers of lies (that have been playing out for generations) to reveal the truth.  
“I love seeing the sparkle in my clients eyes as they begin to remember who they really are and love Life again!”
You can find Michelle on her website at:
And on Facebook:
See you on the Sound!

Think True

by πdPiper

“Finally, brother, whatsoever is true…”
There’s a lot of information running around today masquerading as “truth”. The antithesis of truth, a spectrum of half-truths and ludicrous falsehoods, is littered with good intentions and moral justifications.
How’s the saying go? You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig! The same goes for a lie.
During the last part of 2022 I began the process of writing to you about P48, with an introduction and precursor, and I felt pretty good about the subject matter. But when I began breakdown the eight plumb lines of P48, I hit a road block with the first one.
When I first began to explore the greek word Paul used to encapsulate “true”, I ran into a dilemma. Not with the understanding of the word, but in its application.
Here’s the Greek (taken from HELPS-Word Studies):
227 alēthḗs (an adjective, derived from 1 /A “not” and 2990 /lanthánō, “unnoticed, concealed”) – true, as it accords with fact (reality), i.e. attested because tested – literally, “what can’t be hidden.” See 225 (alētheia). [227 /alēthḗs (“what can’t be hidden”) stresses undeniable reality when something is fully tested, i.e. it will ultimately be shown to be fact (authentic).]
At the core of this word “true” is the idea that in order for something to be true, or truthful, it must be a fully tested, undeniable reality. This is a challenging criteria, is it not, and herein lies the dilemma.
When I attempt to apply this criteria to the world around me, I am barely able to get beyond the tip of my nose and out my front door, before the application of “whatsoever is true” begins to fall apart, and blur into the fog of “not-so-sure-anymore”.
What I have discovered is that my world view has been created by “truths” that I have never tested myself! What is more, many are quite impossible for me to test!
Take any world event happening on the other side of this “round” planet, for example. In general, the facts relayed to us of that event are taken as true at face value. But are they really true. Are they an undeniable reality that you, yourself have tested to be true. In most cases, no.
Why? Because our own faculties—my five senses, are most often unable to do the real-world testing that is necessary for us to satisfied the criteria for something to be true, according to the greek meaning used in Phil 4:8.
And this is where my dilemma begins. If I cannot test the facts of a matter, and prove it to be fact through my own senses, then I cannot honestly declare it an undeniable reality within my world view.
Indeed, the vast majority of what we consider “truth” in column A, actually sits in column B called “unverifiable truth”. Our world views are based upon the combination of what exists in these two columns. For some, their world view is based almost exclusively on column B.
Yeshua dealt with the complexity of truth with those in his own time, when He said,
“If I am not doing the works of My Father, then do not believe Me. But if I am doing them, even though you do not believe Me, believe the works themselves, so that you may know and understand that the Father is in Me, and I am in the Father.” (BSB John 10:37)
With empathy, he encouraged those having difficulty with the truth he was presenting to believe the works themselves. He was asking them to believe the truth of his words—that He was the Son of God, by judging the fruit of His hands. For those who did believed the works, they trusted and His words became their truth.
From this one example, we see that by activating their faith, they were able to trust and believe that Yeshua was the Son of God. It became their truth, by faith.
In this likeness, Above The Sun strives to reveal truth in everything we share. In some cases, we knowingly present unverifiable truths, but leave it to our readers do their own research and decide for themselves what is true. But even the most truth-obscuring circumstances, we dig for the “whatsoever is true” gems—desiring to reflect the undeniable nature of our Creator in our words and actions.
We desires to be truthful in everything. But more importantly, we desire to be trustworthy—to let the fruit of our character and actions testify of our desire to walk and speak in truth. And where undeniable truth becomes difficult to establish, we work to make firm the undeniable reality that Above The Sun is trustworthy.

Life And Death Power!


By Mississippi Sound

It’s my pleasure to introduce Michelle Spires. Her post on the power of the tongue resonated with us deeply today.  Blessings!
Michelle Spires
Life and death are in the power tongue. Pr 18:21 
Growing up, I was taught this scripture meant things like ‘don’t use the word hate, because it’s bad.’ Anyone else? Another version of it was ‘don’t say mean things.’ Next question: Just because you used a different word, did your feeling of hate go away? No! So what did you do with it? Most likely you found a way to pretend you didn’t feel it. Maybe you found a “nice” way to say it, such as “I don’t like xyz.”
Many of us are taught this is the “right” way to live or maybe a righteous way to live. In reality, this is actually teaching children to lie. It causes a pretend self to come forward while the real feelings get tucked deep inside and potentially carried for a lifetime and even passed down to our children and grandchildren. They become painful and toxic and create a subconscious reactive trigger in the person.
The Truth sets you free! When you have the courage to tell the truth, you open the door to consciously reverse (re-verse or to re-say) and create life with your words if you choose. The choice is yours!
You can find Michelle on her website at:
And on Facebook:
And on February 24th you can find her on River Sound at 11am ET!

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