141. When The Going Gets Tough

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ATS Voices Guest Speaker

It is our great pleasure to welcome Teresa Bowen to ATS Voices. 
So buckle up buttercup, stay hydrated and bring a towel.  We’ve no idea where it’s gonna go but we know it’ll be awesome! We are go for launch!

Teresa Bowen is a visionary leader with forward thinking, while staying in the present moment. A task that has been honed to produce a sharp eye and a quick response to opportunities presented.

Walking in Kingdom principles is essential to Teresa and she attributes all honor and glory to God The Father, for the wisdom and revelation she has gained.

Her life, transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ some 40 years ago, has brought favor on Teresa’s life. The Lord’s promise to her in those beginning days was that He would restore the years the locusts had eaten, Joel 2:25. She affirms that He has and is keeping that promise.

Teresa has been led by Holy Spirit in the prophetic office in assisting to lead a local body under Apostolic governance. That foundation led to maturing to walking in Christ into mysteries of cosmic essence. This then led to learning of the luminaries God placed in the sky on the fourth day to “give light to the earth.” The Mazzaroth, or constellations, became a fascination to her and the journey of discovery began.

Teresa has had the honor of teaching and speaking internationally throughout this time. She loves to share what she is discovering and seeing in the stars and all the goodness the Lord has and is revealing.

When The Going Gets Tough

By Mississppi Sound

There are times when the going gets tough and we just want to give up or just plain quit! We have to look to see, just where Self is. We have to dig deep in order to find ourselves, recalibrate our mindset, and refocus on Yahweh again during our journey. 
It takes selflessness in order to bring the kingdom to earth and to do it all, with great gratitude and joy. Selflessness takes me out of the equation and begins to serve out of a place within me of love that is backed up with honor and gratitude.
We watch how we have been programmed by putting ourselves first.
Look out for number one. – me
I look out for myself. – me.
I don’t need anyone but me. – me
I make my own way. – me
I will make a name for myself. – me
Let’s reprogram these statements.
These statements can have some degree of truth, but it carries a lower frequency of truth. The higher truth is missed. We are missing the value that we see in this African proverb that says, “If you want to go slow go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Now that’s a higher frequency!
Let’s be like an orchestra and go together so we too can join instruments to make beautiful sound, frequency, and vibrations in harmony, happiness, and joy.
It’s in digging deep that we find Yahweh’s desire and we begin to move it to our center so it can satisfy our hunger and thirst. In this center place within us we will then find his burden light and his yoke easy. It is a place of Rest!
Less self focus and more Yahweh focus!
More focus on our RELATIONSHIP with Yahweh!
Then we can focus more on our relationships with others!
Max Lucado says it this way: 
“When our deepest desires are not the things of God, or a favor from God, BUT GOD HIMSELF, we cross a threshold!”
When the going gets tough we don’t quit, we refocus and keep moving up Jacob’s Ladder!
Mississippi Sound

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